Cloud Plugfest - April 2012 - Dusseldorf

About Cloud Plugfests

The Cloud Interoperability Plugfest project (or "Cloud Plugfests" for short) is a co-operative community series designed to promote interoperability efforts on cloud-based software, frameworks, and standards among vendors, products, projects and implementations.

The series supports ongoing and continuing interoperability efforts among and between the sponsoring organizations, and with the cloud community at large.
These efforts include organized software demonstrations, in-person developer gatherings, and continuous access to professional-grade cloud testing frameworks and tools.

Several closely coupled events are planned in March 2015:

Virtual Cloud Plugfest Mar. 23-27, 2015
CSCC Cloud Privacy Summit Mar. 26, 2015
In-Person Cloud Plugfest Mar. 27, 2015

Each of these participation methods provides a great opportunity to learn more
about the Cloud Plugfest activities and mission, and to get personally involved 
in effective practical cloud standards and cloud software interoperability testing.


  • Interoperability Testing
  • Software Development
  • Community-Based Bug-Finding
  • Standards Adoption
For more detail, see our Mission and Goals pages.


  • Interoperability Demos and Virtual Cloud Plugfest March 23-27, 2015 March 2015 Interoperability Demo Days and Cloud Plugfest events include networking interoperability demos at the GENI Engineering Conference and US Ignite Meeting, cloud software and design discussions and ...
    Posted Jan 4, 2015, 3:05 PM by Alan Sill
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