About Cloud Plugfests

The Cloud Interoperability Plugfest series (or "Cloud Plugfests" for short) originated out of community-based interoperability efforts and was further developed by OGF and SNIA in 2011 into a cooperative venue to exchange information and to encourage interoperability on implementations of relevant cloud standards. It has since expanded to include a variety of support tools provided by these organizations and by ETSI to support the community. ETSI joined the Cloud Plugfest series as a full supporting partner in 2012.

The Cloud Plugfest series is open to participation by other standards organizations, individual developers, vendors and software framework projects.  For examples, see our list of relevant software projects.

Cloud Plugfests are work-oriented gatherings of developers and participants in standards organization projects and framework project developers designed to promote interchange of methods, tools and techniques that are defined by the plugfest participants as being suitable to test features such as portability, interoperability, ease of use, self-consistency and security when used in a cloud setting.

Our primary goal is to leverage resources brought by participating organizations and individuals to further the above aspects of cloud computing software in an organized setting. 

Participation is governed by a Confidentiality Agreement. The purpose is to protect the confidentiality of information relating to tests conducted during the event, and to ensure that such information is used solely to further the purposes of interoperability testing and implementation of changes resulting from lessons learned from this testing. For further terms and conditions, please see the agreement itself.

Find out more about how to participate and what you can bring to -- and get out of -- our events and the associated tools and community at the links below.