Mission and Goals


The mission of each Cloud Plugfest is defined in advance to focus on particular aspects of software, standards or implementations in a collaborative setting, with active developers present or remotely connected to allow real-time testing and interchange regarding the results.


The goals of the Cloud Plugfest series are to provide a cooperative environment and appropriate testing tools for software developers, projects and vendors to bring their community-based open source or commercial implementations of  cloud-related standards such as CDMI, OCCI, CIMI and OVF, along with important open-access application programmer interfaces (APIs) used in both commercial products and open-source projects throughout the community. The standards and APIs selected for investigation are determined solely on the basis of the interests of the participants who come to these events, and study or development of new efforts based on emerging standards and API patterns within the industry are welcome and encouraged.

The intent of this environment is to enable work to test, identify, and fix bugs and to compare implementation features, with the overarching goal of providing a forum in which companies, communities and software framework projects can develop interoperable products and standards-compliant code.

Participation Details

Participation at each event is established by registration and governed by a time-limited Confidentiality Agreement, an example if which is attached below. The purpose of this agreement is to protect the confidentiality of information relating to tests conducted during the event, and to ensure that such information is used solely to further the purposes of interoperability testing and implementation of changes resulting from lessons learned from this testing. This agreement allows participants to bring and test commercial products that are not yet to market, while still allowing free interchange of information among those attending.

Note that nothing in this agreement is intended to prevent participants from releasing information on their own contributions, activities and testing, as long as such information does not also release information that other participants wish to remain private. You are free to bring and release information on your open source or commercial product or community implementation on items that are ready for public release. The terms of this agreement expire after one year.  This time-limited (and time-tested!) agreement allows a record to be kept and helps to preserve a spirit of openness. For the complete terms and conditions, please see the agreement itself, as in the example linked below.

Again, other organizations and sponsors are welcome to join.  For further information, see our post on Why to Attend a Cloud Plugfest.

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