Relevant Software Projects

Several projects and products are being pursued by the cloud software community that emphasize the adoption and interoperability of application programmer interfaces, protocols or communication that are based on, or are otherwise intended to incorporate drive the development of consensus-based cloud standards.  

To have your project, product or implementation listed here, please contact us at (Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement by or vice versa.)
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COSBench Open source Apache A benchmark tool for cloud object storage GitHub Site 
libcdmi-python CDMI client library in Python 
Droplet Open Source BSD License Cloud storage client library with CDMI support 
dropletfs-fuse Open Source BSD Dropletfs-fuse, a FUSE filesystem for cloud storage, using the Scality Droplet library 
CloudStack Open Source Apache Framework 
Eucalyptus Open Source GPLv3 Framework 
Nimbus Open Source Apache Framework 
DDN Web Object Scaler (WOS) Commercial Framework with CDMI support 
NetApp StorageGrid Commercial Framework with CDMI support 
VCDM Open Source Apache Framework with CDMI support 
OpenStack Open Source Apache Framework with OCCI & CDMI support 
CompatibleOne Open Source OSI compliant Framework with OCCI support 
OpenNebula Open Source Apache Framework with OCCI support 
DeltaCloud Open Source Apache Interconnect 
rOCCI-server Open Source Apache Interconnect with OCCI support 
libcdmi-java Open Source dual BSD 3-clause/Apache 2 license Java client implementation of Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) 
jclouds Open Source Apache Library 
pySSF Open Source GPLv2.1 Library for OCCI 
rOCCI Open Source Apache Library for OCCI 
TUOCCI LibVirt Open Source GPLv3 Library for OCCI 
pyOCNI Open Source LGPL Networking Interface 
R2AD CloudClient Open Source BSD OCCI/CDMI client 
CDMI Reference Implementation Reference Implementation 
DoYouSpeakOCCI? Open Source GPLv3/CC Testing Framework 
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