Upcoming Cloud Plugfest Events

Cloud Interoperability Plugfest events take place throughout the world and generally include provisions for remote participation for pre-registered participants. These events are sponsored by many organizations, oriented toward developers, and aimed at early adopters and thought leaders in the cloud computing arena.

SDC 2017 Cloud Interoperability Plugfest (Cloud Plugfest 26)
WHEN: September 11-13, 2017 - 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PDT
WHERE: Santa Clara, CA OR remotely online, no physical presence required 

Cloud Plugfests are work-oriented gatherings of developers and participants in standards organization projects and framework project developers designed to promote interchange of methods, tools and techniques that are defined by the plugfest participants as being suitable to test features such as portability, interoperability, ease of use, self-consistency and security when used in a cloud setting.

Participants at the Cloud Interoperability Plugfest will test the interoperability of well adopted cloud storage interfaces. We always have a large showing of CDMI implementations at this event, but
 are also looking for implementations of S3 and Swift (and Cinder/Manila) interfaces.

Register now for the Cloud Plugfest!

The only thing we ask you to help us with is to tell us what you want to test, and how, during registration! And if we haven't listed what you want to test, tell us, and we'll add it to the list!

Please see our full list of previous Cloud Plugfest events for other past events and associated activities.
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