Plugfest #11: Virtual Plugfest and CDMI CTP Testing

Virtual Cloud Plugfest and CDMI CTP Testing
Via Online Meeting and Chat Room, June 24-26, 2014

The virtual cloud plugfest is done by putting your CDMI implementation on the Internet and exposing the end point to other testers. We provide a chat room, conference call and webex presentation capabilities so that you can participate and work with the other participants to test your product. No travel is required as there is no physical location associated with the testing.

With the new CDMI CTP program recently announced, this is an excellent opportunity to see how close your CDMI implementation is to being certified. TCS will be present and available to test your product with an almost final version of the test suite. Besides debugging your own products, this is your opportunity to help debug the test suite and the CDMI Test Specification before they are finalized for this release.

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