E-Mail Lists

Our general information list is the right place to start if you just want to receive occasional updates regarding upcoming Cloud Plugfest events.  It is a low- to moderate-traffic list used for announcements and logistical updates on scheduling, in-person and remote participation.  You may also use this link to send an inquiry regarding Cloud Plugfest sponsorship.

For more community interaction, you may also wish to join the associated Cloud Demo e-mail group, which is used to exchange information on upcoming tests and events sponsored by the Cloud Plugfest project or associated interoperability efforts.

Each of the other participant tools on this site also has other options on how to keep up to date on individual projects or components, and to participate in ongoing testing.  Please check the individual tools and related instructions for further information.  You may also wish to register for the next event.

If you are aware of other communication tools of interest to interoperability testing and the Cloud Plugfest community, please contact us at info@cloudplugfest.org.