Repositories/Code Tools

OGF provides an extensive suite of publicly available code repositories, wiki, task and project activity tracking tools that are available for long-term project use for by all Cloud Plugfest project participants. 

These are ideal for use for hosting code and information that is publicly available and that is persistent across events.

In addition, those who wish to present information primarily for access only to participants during events can use the Cloud Plugfest In-Event Wiki provided by SNIA.

Access to each of these tools is governed by accounts, which are freely available but intended for use that is directly related to testing in the context of Cloud Plugfests.  These interoperability resources may be used for any purpose within the Cloud Plugfest context, and are not limited to implementations of particular software projects or SDO standards.

Further information on results from past Cloud Plugfest events is also available on the list of relevant software projects and previous results pages on this site.

If you have information to add from a previous Cloud Plugfest event or subsequent work, please contact us at